[Cyber MOnly!]Our Favorite Thin Laptop Deal This Year – Dell Vostro V131 for $649! [KillerDeal]

Want a thin and light laptop without compromising performance or spending more than $649?

Get the Dell Vostro V131, the 0.8-inch thick laptop is the thinnest laptop you can get with an Intel Core i5 processor at under $800. The Intel Core i5 is powerful and you get great battery life with 13.3″ screen. This is our favorite for great features for the price nevermind the USB 3.0 ports included.

Cyber Monday: Dell V131 ultra light business laptop with 2nd Gen Intel Core i5 processor, mobile broadband, Targas laptop bag, and Logitech M215 wireless mouse for $649 only after $310 savings!

This deal is so gooood as far as specs and price go, we are actually buying one right now, will last you at least another 2 years before needing upgrade, don’t settle for just cheap, spend a little more and get this.

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